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The main goal is to put the end to kid's math woes by supporting all families to build 

Dr. Tina Rapke support ALL parents, even those that have failed at math themselves and don't have teaching degrees. She knows from research how to raise confident math learners that sets them on the right educational path. 

The programs for Grades 1-8, which were developed for busy families, reignites kids love for math and builds confidence that has been long shattered by constant failure in math. 
All in less than 20 mins a week!

Dr. Tina Rapke

I’m a University professor, Mathematician, Math teacher, and a mom. I highly support fellow parents in raising math confident kids based on comprehensive research and proven methods. 

Let me guess....

  • ​You have always believed that you are not a ‘math’ person
  • ​You think you can’t do anything as a parent because you are not good at math or don't have a teaching degree
  • ​​You constantly fight with your kids over doing math homework

Believe me…

In the course of my teaching career, I have met so many students and parents like you.

  • ​Parents who know their kids are failing in math but don't know what to do
  • ​Parents who don’t believe that their kids could ever be successful since they themselves failed terribly in math
  • ​Parents with math anxiety that don’t understand math and therefore don’t have the confidence to teach their kids
  • ​​Children who hate math so much that they believe there is no way they could ever be good at it

I've made it my life mission to show families there's a totally different, joyful and peaceful way to be with math at home. I am super excited you made it to this site and to start working with you!!

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 I thought to learn math properly, you needed to spend hours and hours. Things have changed!...It's amazing! 
My son used to hate math. I didn't know how to teach him in a way that  he would actually get it...we stopped fighting... you got to try this!  
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