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ATTENTION: Caring Adults Who Want to Put an End to Tears and Shame in Math

Family Math Nights 
That Have Everyone
Enjoying Math!

Is your school looking for an interactive and fun evening
that shows parents how to help their kids with math?

What Makes 
Family Math Nights 
So Impactful?
  • ​We show parents how to help with math at home, even if they are not math gurus or have teaching degrees.
  • It's all about making mental math strategies visual and how kids actually see things in their minds.
  • The best part is that we show you how to continue the learning that was kick-started in the Math Night by teaching families how to watch videos that contain the crucial mental images that kids need to succeed in math.
  • ​Consistency is the key, not long hours crying over worksheets at the dining room table. We teach parents how they can raise confident math learners in 20 minutes or less a week.
  • ​An interactive and fun evening that's all about kids and parents math ideas. Who doesn't like talking about their ideas?

What is all included in your Family Math Night Package?

An interactive evening session that is hosted by an expert Mathematics Educator on Fundamental Topics (+, - , x, ÷). 
*Our host will involve parents and children in doing math all together. Mental math questions will be posed, think time will be given, and then strategies will be made visible, so that family members can identify which ones they used. 
*Helpful questions and tips that are not content specific will be provided that are proven to get kids talking about math. 
*Common Myths about learning math will also be broken and replaced with concrete, easy to use strategies.
To keep the learning that was jump started during Family Math Night, you will have access to all our packages which include hundreds of easy to use short videos and worksheets at home. The videos are short and make hundreds of grade level mental math questions visual.  As a parent, you don't need to be a math guru or have a teaching degree to use the videos. 
You only need to hit play ;)

*Consistency is the key to happy math learners. During Math Night, we will show you exactly how to raise confident math learners in 20 minutes or less a week using the videos.

How Virtual Family Math Nights Work:

Pick a grade level that best suits your school's needs.
 We offer two grade ranges, K-3 and 4-8.
Decide on your 
preferred date to hold a 
School Family Math Night.
Figure out a rough estimate on how many families will be joining, so that we can put together the best package for you.
Decide on and set up a meeting platform to hold the family math night.
What Are Others Already Saying About the Little Known Technique of Making Mental Math Visual in the Videos?

“My kids are loving all the videos you have prepared. It is the highlight of our week”

“My daughter watched her third lesson today and this week has been the first time we have not argued about math time...."

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By going to FAMILY MATH NIGHT and continuing your learning by watching these videos, your kids will develop a huge confidence in math and are likely to end up being a Math Whiz!
Awaken Everyone's
love for math

Rebuild The Confidence That Has Long Been Shattered By Constant Failure and Shame In Math


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